Fabric Borders

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    • We have a huge selection of available broadloom brands and products to suit every client’s style and design!

    • All borders are custom manufactured in-house

    • Crisp corners and neat finishing every time!

    • Choose from a huge selection of Cotton, Linen, Faux Leather and Leather

    Our Fabric Borders offer unlimited patterns, colours styles and width of border showing on the face of the carpet. Fabric can also be used as an inlay decorative border or as an edge finish in any width.

    Common fabric borders include Cotton, Linen, Faux Leather and Leather. We blind stitch the material and hand sew the mitred corners.

    Pictured above are a selection of our Fabric Border options and completed projects. We invite you to contact us or visit our showroom to discuss your exact requirements.

    Every stitch. Every seam.

    Delivering only the highest quality product and service is something we’ve become famous for. All area rug manufacture and carpet finishing is done in-house by our skilled experts – learn more.